Even though we’ve already narrowed down the level of formality and general fabrics and color palettes, we’re only halfway there in terms of sifting through the thousands of dress options to find the perfect one. Choosing a dress style that is flattering to your body type will make the difference between a great dress for someone and a great dress for you.


An apple-shaped body is widest at the waist with shoulders and hips tapering to give an overall rounded or apple shape. The key to dressing the apple shape is to create an elongated upper body and defined waist. This means that you will be looking at gowns that feature a deep V neckline. Wrap-style dresses make a good choice for apples because they tend to offer both the V-neckline and a defined or belted waist with the added suggestion of concealing layers that draw attention away from the body.


A pear-shaped body is narrow in the shoulders and widest in the hips. These lovely ladies have a booty to boast, but they also need to be mindful not to accentuate their hips. Flowing and flared skirts that don’t cling are a good choice for leaving width up to the imagination. The key to balancing the width of the hips is to broaden the shoulders. Halter tops do a good job of adding visual substance to the upper body. While they aren’t a great choice for many other body types, they do wonders for pears.


The coveted hourglass shape is characterized by wider shoulders and wider hips paired with a pencil-thin waist. It’s long since been used as the iconic image of a woman, leaving many ladies lusting after this particular body shape. So, if you’ve got it, use it to your advantage. The evening gown was invented to encapsulate your profile. Choose a gown that hugs your curves. A high neckline only further elongates your body and accentuates your curves. And an open back is the perfect finishing touch for a little bit of sexy that isn’t slutty.


If you don’t think you have a shape at all, you’re probably of the rectangular variety. While some would say that proportionate shoulders, waist, and hips are good, they can leave you feeling a little plain. Not to worry, the famous mermaid or trumpet style dress was made for your proportionate dimensions. Actually, on a rectangular shape, we love anything with a narrow waist and flared tail.


Okay, so it’s not a body shape, but the size is important too. Petite women are always looking for ways to match the styles of their proportionately tall friends. So aside from some 60s-era platform shoes, what can give a petite lady more height? For one, a high-belted waist gives the illusion of longer legs. Pair that with solid colors and simple designs that allow the eye to keep flowing.

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