Seven of the best foodie stops on a culinary odyssey around Emilia-Romagna

milia-Romagna is a world-renowned gastronomical centre of excellence in northeast Italy. With Emilia to the west and Romagna to the east, framed by the Adriatic coastline, they’re bound by a culinary heritage – the very best of the country’s bountiful produce.

Emilia’s a carnivore’s paradise, exemplified by Bologna mortadella [sausage], Piacenza pancetta [bacon] and Parman prosciutto [ham]. The region boasts 42 DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of Origin) products, spearheaded by the undisputed “king of cheeses” – Parmigiano Reggiano, accounting for 41 per cent of Italy’s exports.

The region is also famed for the quintessential complement to olive oil – Modena’s balsamic vinegar. Yet there are many more delectables to salivate over within Emilia-Romagna. Here are seven of the best culinary stops.

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